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The idea IS the format

Saturday, September 15th, 2007

This came up in the course of preparing a presentation for a company strategy day last week. I wanted to identify how the interactive division differs from the parts of the company producing audio-visual and print material, dvds, that kind of thing.

At the heart of any movie or game is a narrative concept. Through the production process that concept is developed into a finished product. Through the marketing process, that product is propagated into lots of smaller ideas, packaging it for market and seeking to engage the target audience. These ideas are conceived to work across certain formats – a trailer or tv spot, a poster, a standee, whatever it may be. The idea is developed creatively, then adapted to the format, within a familiar set of constraints, which stay relatively constant.

Interactive is different. Because our medium is constantly changing, as are the habits of the audience we’re seeking to engage, our creative concepts are now inseparable from their interactive context. Furthermore, imaginative use of that context often becomes the driver behind a great idea, and a compelling campaign. The idea IS the format.