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More widgety goodness

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

We’ve just wrapped another of our grabbable widgets – this one’s to promote I AM LEGEND, and will be available as an automatic update for everybody who grabbed our BEOWULF widget.

Personally I hate the word ‘widget’, but it’s rapidly becoming part of the lexicon of online marketing to describe these kind of embeddable applications. If you want one of the earliest examples of this kind of thing, and a strong indicator of how successful it can be, the proliferation of Youtube videos in their early days was driven by precisely this principle. In an age when everybody has their own little piece of screen estate somewhere on the web, all you have to do is give them something cool or useful enough and they’ll do your advertising for you.

the ‘bad’ photos

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

About two hours ago Ems and I discovered that my laptop is bluetooth enabled. We’ve since dumped about 300 photos onto it, almost every one of which is of our Lola, dating since her first birthday (you can see her complete history, from bump onwards, here).

Watching back through the pictures, with some sweet sounds on iTunes and the slideshow feature gliding through chronologically, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. It wasn’t just the pictures where she stopped and smiled, it was all those ‘bad’ photos in between, the flurries of colour, the flashes of happiness, the whirling inquisition binding it together into a year in the life of…

I think that’s part of the reason, when Tommy and I set up Ploggle, I was so obsessed with the cameraphone angle, albeit at the expense of steering our venture to commercial success. I love the narratives cameraphones explore, going places you wouldn’t necessarily think to take a regular camera.

I decided to pick one photo and post it here. One that you won’t find on LightJunior, or TravelLight. It was taken today, just as Ems embarks on maternity leave for the second time, and can spend an afternoon with Lola sweeping up leaves in the back yard. As it came up she apologised. “They’re all fuzzy, she just kept moving.”

Sounds like a pretty good design for life. Stay fuzzy. Just keep moving.