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Tinker trailer

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

A hugely promising trailer for the film version of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy has just broken over on The Guardian, in such an obtuse implementation as prevents me from embedding it here.

That being the case, instead you will find below the strangely spell-binding opening of the original – epic – TV adaptation, a 4-cassette VHS edition of which my mum leant me after reading this post about The Wire and the wider idea of long-form cinema.

I could happily spend the rest of today telling you why I rate it so highly, and what I’m hoping for from a big-screen adaptation. The short version is that I’m praying they’ve found a way to marry so much storyline, plot and exposition with precisely what it is that gives the TV version its charm, exemplified by a preparedness to spend two minutes developing character before a word is even spoken…

The Beginning Of The War Will Be Secret

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011


This postcard by Jenny Holzer feels very current, and straight out of 1984. I don’t recall how the war started between Oceania and Eurasia (or is it Eastasia?). I’m not sure Winston does either. Whatever, the case, I can well imagine it’s a secret. Even if it didn’t used to be.

Out of the box

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

With the first previews taking place across America as I type, now seems like a good time to post this Drew Struzan-inspired poster for my most anticipated film of the summer, JJ Abrams’ SUPER 8.

Struzan was behind some of the classic movie posters of my youth, not least THE GOONIES (below) – vintage big screen adventures to which SUPER 8 is a love letter of immense charm and eloquence, not to mention a crisp and contemporary summer spectacle in its own right.

It’s no secret that we’re working on the international campaign for the film, with it set to open in Europe and beyond in early August, but it’s also something I’m obliged to disclose in the context of a post like this. It means you don’t have to take my opinion about the movie at face value. As if you ever would.


Hats for all occasions

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

Seems like I have a hundred and one things to blog, google, write, read and research on this moochy Saturday morning. I’m starting here, with the only festival Emma and I will be making it along to this summer:

This fine film incorporates the enchanting artwork of one Rufus, also featured on the The Insider’s equally splendiferous website, even the most passing perusal of which ought to tell you that this is no ordinary aurally augmented outdoor occasion.

Without knowing precisely who you are, or the exact circumstances by which you come to be reading this, I nonetheless vouchsafe you’d be welcome, if you chose, to wend your way north (or south, east, west, or any combination thereof) the way of The Insider in two weeks time. Unless, that is, you’re those super anti-social mutant biker dudes from the end of Weird Science…


…in which case you probably best stick to Glastonbury.

Interested in The Morris?

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

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