Heads will roll

Am I alone in thinking that this was just a brilliantly executed photo op?

The most ‘human’ of the royals, and surely the most expendable, the muttony paragon of Upper-Middle England bundled into a limo and rolled into the midst of a marauding mob who think the world owes them a living. (Or that, when they earn one, they shouldn’t have to hand it straight back as repayment on the generation we mortgaged to pay for that Bentley.) Suddenly the real news is chased off the front pages and the troops are rallied afresh in defence of an establishment still reeling from It’s a Royal Knockout.

Such a wonderful portrait of rude interruption. Poor old Camilla can barely believe it. You pop out for an evening of good old-fashioned thrown-in-your-honour royal variety, take one wrong turn, and before you know it you’re mingling with really-the-most-awful people. There’s going to be hell to pay for poor old Charlie when he gets home, he’s bricking it already.

And what better excuse for a few days of self-righteous indignation rippling through the Home Counties, an immaculate pretext for Tory-but-still-read-a-tabloid to cuddle up in front of Strictly, shuddering at the thought that, well, if it can happen to Them, it could happen to anybody. I’m sure they’re comforted by the thought that further disincentivising a generation from pursuing higher education will make it that much easier to arm them with shields and truncheons next time we need to defend our so-very-civil liberty.

I wonder what Churchill would have made of it. Never knew the man, but he seemed to like a good scrap. I’m thinking he would have thought it only right that the royals get out there on the front line and fight for what’s theirs. As for the kids, well who can deny their warrior spirit. Sure, some of them might have been drunk, but they would have sobered up the next morning, and Camilla, well…

Am I picking sides? Not really. I’m on the side that says the lunatic fringe of both movements is just as crazy and dangerous as the other, but I’d rather take my chances with the mob than take a ride in that Bentley. Their rank and file have more style, and they march under the banner of a good idea. Whereas the other lot, don’t get me wrong, but they look kind of stupid. And awfully high-maintenance.

Pictures used without permission of The Big Picture at Boston.com, where you will find them all fully accredited and at the resolution they deserve.