#PttP Cross-Media Forum: Thomas Hoegh


I’m down at the National Film Theatre today for day two of Power to the Pixel’s Cross-Media Forum.

Thomas Hoegh (Founder, Arts Alliance) just finished his keynote, so I’m putting the WordPress Android app through its paces and (near-)live blogging it.

Thomas offered a pointedly pragmatic perspective on the current cross-media landscape, identifying that ‘most transmedia projects have their anchor point in traditional formats’. He sees this model as likely to prevail, and maintains that this is in the aspiring transmedia producer’s interest.

As ever, the key challenge is fund-raising, made more acute in this space in the face of (a) the need for complex partner ecosystems, (b) the inherent unpredictability of less scripted outcomes and (c) the typically intangible catalogue value of transmedia content.

With this in mind, Thomas maintains that producers should look to attach their projects to established formats and funding models. “Creating a new artform isn’t easy. Be a prefix, and don’t be ashamed of it. Think of yourself as spice.

It was also interesting to hear Thomas differentiate transmedia story-telling from more traditional approaches on the basis that ‘you are making a deal with the audience’.  It brought to mind what Jonathan Smith from TT Games had to say at Playful last month, blogged here, the crux of which was that computer games also broker a deal with their ‘audience’: essentially “do what I ask, and I will give you what you want”.

What Thomas had to say felt like deliberately down-to-earth introduction to today’s ‘Pixel Pitch’, whereby a selection of producers pitch transmedia projects to jury and audience, looking to make the £6,000 ARTE Pixel Pitch Award their own.

Tomorrow I’ll be taking part in ‘The Pixel Meetings’, meeting a few of the producers to try and offer some of insight into how they might develop their projects and, vitally, get them to market.

The jury’s still out on whether I can really justify two days out of the office to be down here talking transmedia. So far so good.