Stay tuned. Keep watching…

UPDATE: [When watching this trailer, I HIGHLY recommend using the fullscreen option. it’s that little box with the arrow in it, on the right-hand side. Yup, that one.]

You may have seen the Watchmen widget adorn these pages before now, but this one’s different. It probably looks the same right now, but plan is that come roughly 4am 1am GMT tomorrow this (Friday) morning there’s going to be one important difference.

And guess who gets to be up at that time in the morning pushing the changes live? ≠)

UPDATE [12.17PM GMT Thursday] One detail you might want to note: that little fullscreen option down below the trailer window. You might be needing that.

UPDATE [00.38AM GMT Friday] Twenty minutes to go, or thereabouts. I’m really very tired, and have lots of switches and levers to operate to ensure this works properly. I think, perhaps, tea.

UPDATE [01.39AM GMT Friday] Cheeky blighters went early.  Trailer was live by the time I sat back down with my brew.  Thankfully, around the same time our widget dev popped up in IM and ushered it live.  All very painless, and immensely satisfying.  Think I’m going to have me a little kip now.  Tomorrow’s hardly simple.

Night all x

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