Taking a break from the sound-bite salad

One serious salad

This is the first of the produce to come out of our veg patch for 2009. It’s a salad made from thinnings; the baby plants you have to pick in order to make room for a few full-size plants to come through properly.

There aren’t many salads that can boast eight varieties of leaf.  I’m talking butterhead, lollo rossa, new red fire, frisby and little gem lettuce, perpetual and bordeaux spinach and even a few tender leaves from some early purple sprouting broccoli.  This stuff is about as delicate as it gets.  You can really taste that its only been out of the ground for an hour or two.

In other news, some of you may have noticed that I’ve not been twittering for the last few days.  It started with me having a fed-up moment, but I’ve realised of late that the combination of Twitter and an iPhone can be quite an unhelpful one, coming at the expense of my faculty for more substantive creativity, not to mention some fairly basic social graces.

Twitter has started to feel like a creative overflow.  As soon as my urge to create and communicate an idea reaches its most basic coherent increment, it gets plucked out of the ground.  It never gets the chance to grow and develop into its own space, it just ends up as one small part of one very big sound-bite salad.  Which is fine, it’s a tasty salad, except that no-one ever made a decent meal with just salad. That’s what I’m thinking right now.  What happened to the meat?

I’m off to try me some of that salad.  Then I’m back here for an hour or two, in final draft, working on the meat.

Love to all.  And don’t worry, no plans to stop blogging.  Nothing wrong with the odd ham sandwich.

  • jan light

    Great post, insightful. xx