That Satan, he sure loves rockabilly

WARNING: The following image video media shows a Satan possessed guitar using its vibrating sounds to fornicate a normal woman. Immediately dictate your wife and children leave the room and lock the door before removing your trousers and filling your boots.

The band behind this, and the album from whence it comes, From 001 To 017, are called The Good The Bad. They’re managed by Jesse Boyce, one half of these guys, and a partner-in-crime of the one sick bastard behind this lot.

No stranger to acts of clinically controlled creative provocation, he seems to have struck gold with this particular piece, orchestrating over half a million views in but a matter of days. No surprise really, given that what we have here is essentially a work of high-concept wank material, tailor-made for legions of angsty young men who can now crack one out and actually feel pretty cool about it afterwards.

A broad church indeed, and one that encompasses Abe, blogger at Christwire, who, though he superficially appears to condemn the video as the work of Satan, is clearly only writing this diatribe to atone for the act of godless onanism preceding it.

Abe writes: Why is a woman being tempted to do gyrations on this guitars vibrating crescendos! Flangers and Wow boxboxes, tremolos and high-toned capos! Satan licks his chops when all of these are employed, because women are easy and also tricked by his rockabilly tones.

I’ve now read a significant body of Abe’s work, and I’m no clearer on whether what we have here is a Voltaire for the modern day or quite simply the most dangerous man in America. What’s beyond doubt is that nobody has done more than him to catalogue videos of women simulating intercourse with inanimate objects, and for this I think we can all be thankful.