Unboxing Graze

My first ever ‘unboxing’ video, and I’m already bending the rules. I’ve jumped through hoops to get this posted, but I’ve learnt a lot in the process.

For anybody interested in trying Graze out, Tommy gave me this promo code: 2N46BDN. It’s an ‘early bird discount’, and it gets the first thousand people who use it one free box, and a second at half price. You have to provide payment details as part of the sign-up process, but can cancel at any time. There’s no kickback for me, I just asked for something to offer bloggy friends, and I got this. As you can see Joe90 and BookPirate have both tried it out, and their first impressions appear to be equally positive.


  • Wow – does anything like Graze exist in the United States?

  • oddly, the trumpet practice in the distance made for some interesting background music. I’d have to agree with you, now’s a horrible time to start a business. If they can turn a profit without having a huge subscriber base, might just have legs. They obviously have the experience to pull it off.

  • Jey B

    Thanks for the code, looks intriguing. Got a couple of boxes ordered to try out!